Golden Retriever

Hello again! Me and Cajsa-Stina are goig to write about the Golden Retriever. Golden Retriever Short Facts   Calm, affectionate, gentle Regular brushing Regular, vigorous Adapts well to urban living, but needs plenty of space Good watchdog Male: 22-24 in (56-61 cm). Female: 20-22 in (51-56 cm) Temperament The Golden Retriever are very intelligent and … Fortsätt läsa Golden Retriever

Cocker Spaniel dog

Hello, it's Minna and Cajsa-Stina. We are reading a book that is called The Complete DOG Owner's Manual. The Authors name is Amy Marder, V.M.D. Now we are going to write a summery about the Cocker Spaniel. COCKER SPANIEL Short Facts Lively, happy, friendly Daily brushing Regular, moderate Adapts well to urban living, but needs plenty … Fortsätt läsa Cocker Spaniel dog