Hello! ^^

In this post I’m going to do a review on a book called ”Coraline” by Neil Gaiman. And I’m not gonna lie, i love this book! It’s kinda scary but not to much. So if you don’t speak English or understand it, either try to read this, or give up, or use google translate 😉

So here is the Review:

So the book is about a girl who just moved to a new apartment, her name is Coraline. She really likes to explore and on day when she was in her apartment and exploring. She found a ”secret” door, she asked her mother and she said that it just was brick behind it. Her mother proved it too, and she was right. But next time she opened it, it was not a brick wall anymore, because now was it a looong, dark tunnel instead. On the other side of the tunnel, there was an apartment but is was something weird with it. The apartment looked the same as her own and her mother stood in the hallway.

Or?? Okay let’s say that the women was equal her mother, it’s just that….women that was standing in front of her. Didn’t have any eyes, it was black glossy bottoms. Same with her other dad. Her ”other” parents was super kind and nice and they cooked good food. But she still miss her real parents. But they were no way out. Only if she find some stuff that her ”other” mother said that she need to find. If she not find it, here eyes will be replaced by bottoms.

So i really love this book, and it was actually easy to read. And I really love the main character, Coraline, she is sooo brave, smart and just a little bit cocky. I like it! I give the book 5/5 stars.


Hope you like it! Byee!



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